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Engine Diagnostics and AC Service in Long Beach, California

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Don't risk driving with automotive issues. Complete Auto Repair Trans-Plus, in Long Beach, California, can help. Our services include engine diagnostics and complete air conditioning service. You can count on our ASE-certified technicians for the repairs you need.
Engine Performance Diagnostics
Our automotive repair shop features diagnostic services that will discover why your check engine light is on. Not only can we diagnose the problem, we can fix it for you. Let our talented technicians ensure your vehicle is operating the way it should be.
Lube, Oil, and Filter Services
Does your vehicle need a fluid service? Our experts are available to check all of your vehicle's fluids. During this service, we can also inspect your brakes, belts, and hoses to ensure everything is as it should be.
Air Conditioning
Don't let your auto AC leave you to the mercy of our weather. We offer air conditioning and heating climate control services to keep you comfortable. Our technicians can make sure your vehicle's climate control systems are working for you.
Request an estimate from us in Long Beach, California, and give your car the engine diagnostics or AC repair it needs.
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